Wireless DECT Phones

The CH6020, CH6040 and CH7010 Wireless handsets

New robust wireless handsets bring added style and features to the Multitone DECT range Multitone is pleased to announce the addition of three new handsets to its existing wireless DECT range. The CH6020, CH6040 and CH7010 combine maximum functionality with high durability for handsets that are easy to use for multiple messaging purposes.

Designed to meet the needs of a mobile workforce working in industrial and healthcare environments, these strong and durable handsets with a robust design provide IP54 or IP64 compliant certification that ensures that they are resistant to dirt, dust, and splashing water.

Carrying a CH6040 Handset reinforces the safety of your workforce with manual and automatic alarms. With ‘no movement’, running and man down detector and snatch cord features, the handsets can be used for personal security and staff protection.(1) These functions mean that lone workers and people at risk can summon help immediately, and the automatic alarms triggered by either the handset’s sensors or the tear off alarm allow fast response.

Significant additional features to the new range of handsets are alarm associated icons, making it easy for users to instantly recognise the urgency of the alarm with up to three lines of text, ensuring that communication is clear and immediately understood.(1)

Extreme conditions require exceptional features. The high quality TFT color display provides a clear view from all angles, and because each alarm category has a unique LED color users can easily determine the type of emergency - even if the phone is sitting in a belt clip.

To enhance communication in noisy environments, the CH6020 and CH6040 handsets come with a headset jack with amplifier for large headsets, and a vibrator option that makes it perfect for environments where a ringtone may not be enough to detect incoming calls and messages.

(1) Features are dependent upon the alarm application.

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