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Staff Safety & Lone Worker Solution

Portable and fixed staff safety alarms, with automatic location reporting and automatic alarm escalation.

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Staff security with location

EkoTek is a reliable battery operated, self-healing, wireless mesh network which creates a fully functional staff protection system, with location and call acknowledgment. Members of your staff, who work either by themselves or in challenging environments, can summon immediate assistance from a dedicated support team should they feel they are at risk.

The simplicity of use is part of the EkoTek ethos, therefore
users carry either a display device or fob and alerts can be raised by the
following actions:

  • Pressing the emergency button
  • Pressing an assist button (healthcare models only)
  • Fall – man-down alert triggers automatically following a fall
  • No response – dead-man alarm triggers automatically on no response from an audit message
  • Snatch cord – pulling on the device to remove from user automatically sends an alert

Creating confidence with technology

Should a call for help be made, the caller can receive a message back letting them know that their request for support has been acknowledged and that help is on the way. This information gives the initial caller the comfort that they are not alone, reducing the stress factor for them when confronted with a challenging environment.

Should a response to an alert not be generated, the system automatically repeats the alarm until assistance has been given.

Security in the network with Fail safe

The mesh network is self-healing, so if one repeater fails the mesh reforms to continue operation, and reports the failure, so when someone needs help, the EkoTek system is ready to report both the alarm and the location plus inform the user someone is on the way.


Provides granularity, ideal for indoor use in buildings with many rooms.

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Ideal for outdoor use and large indoor spaces, like warehouses or factory floors.

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Lone Worker System

Portable Alarm & Messaging Devices

Provides the ability for Asset Tagging

Provides the ability for Staff & Resident Tagging

Creation of Go & No Go Zones

Totally Zigby wireless

Low-cost installation

Small, Medium & Large system capability with One HUB

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