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When real safety counts

Multitone provides rapid, reliable, duress and secure communication technologies to customers worldwide and in many different industries; from all sectors of the Australian Health System to large commercial estates.

With our suite of hardware, software and apps, we can deliver bespoke integration, automation and communications systems that make workplaces safer, more efficient and more resilient - with great results for the people that work in them and for the people that rely on them.


Multitone system integration and estate management solution


From intruder alarms to temperature sensors, we can connect diverse third-party systems to our device-agnostic messaging platform, Multitone i-Message, connecting even legacy systems to the Internet of Things.

Multitone mass messaging solution


Once integrated, data from your alarm systems, equipment sensors and monitoring equipment can trigger automatic alerts and notifications which are forwarded to staff via email, SMS, pager or app.


With a combination of apps, pagers, enterprise smartphones and SIP phones, we facilitate great communications between people and with site systems. Our critical alerting apps and devices ensure important messages are acted on fast.

Multitone staff safety solution


Our technology makes people safer. Our reliable, rapid critical alerting ensures a quick response to cardiac arrests in hospitals. Our EkoTek personal alarm technology gives staff the ability to summon help directly to their location with a single button press.


Australian Owned

At Multitone we are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated.  We understand the Australian market place and our focus is local.

Expert Services

Multitone offers expert customer services and engineers who are available 24/7, 365 days a year to aid in all situations.

All Onshore

Multitone’s service and repair centre is Australian-based and backed by both UK and Germany, meaning our products meet stringent local and international Service Levels.

Multinational Partnerships

At Multitone we are proud to be an integral part of an international organisation stretching across the globe.

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If you have any questions about Multitone, our solutions, technology, or would like to discuss a project, we’re happy to help!